The present type and development of hair transplantation has began with the researches of the japanese specialist Dr. Okuta in 1939.

Dr. Okuta applied a similiar operation type of hair transplant like existing today and based the present technical transplant methods by using first time single grafts for transplantation of hair. This brand new progression has been announced through the japanese medical journal around the World and has started the professional hair transplantation application as known to us. The paralell developments of medical and technical World conducted the hair transplantation to an almost flawless application. It also has a high faultless success rate and thereby pleasent feedbacks. All these changes are not only a big success in many medical and scientific aspects but also for the good and benefit of humanity by allowing a big step to kill the baldness and get renewed hair growth.

As Hair Transplantation Turkey we are not offering only one location but multiple hospitals and special teams to contribute the best of all. The team in Istanbul is leaded by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Askar, who can be proud of his successes and experiences. The professionality and talent of him and of each his team members are due the successed results of Hair Transplantation as well known abroad as inner the country.

Like Hair Med is selective in the topic of health and esthetic interventions, it is also picky in choosing the medical team and clinics resp hospitals with all the details.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Askar has not only numbers of national and international scientifically useful publications, but also many additional medical formations. His valuable educational position and his excellent hand skills are just few of the cooperation reasons of Hair Transplantation Turkey  with Dr. Aşkar.

Op. Dr. Mehmet Ali Bozkurt is also one of the skilled and experienced plastic surgeons we work with. His outstanding achievements in the area of the esthetics and plastic surgery are considerable. The fact we collected together the most skilled, professional, experienced and best educated staff, is proving the statement that we care about all our patients.

Hair Meds dynamic group – established of young and educated members – is always tending for the best of its patients and well-being of the health tourists in our country. This aspire for lovely hospitality resp wellcoming is not artificial but it is natural in the culture of us and is done with joy. All our patients are at the same time our guests and thus they can calmed trust us.

All your questions will be answered by the team lovely and patiently. If you will need help during the planing of your journey, time and activities, you can surely request help and we will support you on the best way.

Hair Transplantation and Esthetic as Health tourism is growing increasingly and by that also our Professional team, the structure of our organization and of course the service quality at the same time.

You can follow up every new or renewed step on our website.

We work nonstop for your best!