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The hair is called healthy, when it looks thick, bright and has the right amount. One integral part of the general beauty ideal is undisputed a healthy hair appearance. It is all the more alarming that more and more people are affected of hair loss.

Do you also have increased hair loss or are you short before baldness or maybe you already have baldness?

Did you notice that your hair is not more the same volume or the same quantity?

Don’t come to terms with hair loss or baldness. You can try to stop hair loss through medication or other ways, but none of them will bring the permanent solution for your baldness problem but will additional let lose your time, Money and motivation and at the end also your hope.

Are you affected by Hair Loss? Is your hair getting more and more less?

It doesn’t matter for men or women; the circumstances and aftereffects are nearly the same. Severe hair loss and finally baldness can lead to low self-esteem.

The reasons for hair loss can be very different but whether genetic, hormonal (for example menopause) or stress related; it is not possible to reverse hair loss! It will not mend on its own.

Therefore it doesn’t make sense to wait longer after the formation of baldness. You can act and solve this problem and protect on this way your psychology and self-image.

Do you want handle and attempt something against your baldness?

Hair Med helps you by realizing a hair transplantation and relieve all your discomfort concerning your appearance. It is indeed simply possible to gain back the whole head of hair by operative hair transplantation. And in fact it is the only available proved, permanent and successful technique for remedying the baldness completely. So forget methods such as pills, hair replacements like wigs or toupees etc and get again your head full of your own hair and that forever.

With a hair transplantation in Turkey / Antalya you can get a fully natural result with no adverse aftereffects.

Hair Transplantation / Own Hair Transplant

There are two micro surgical techniques in hair transplantation. The FUE (follicular unit extraction) and the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) methods. The much more pleasant one for the patient is the FUE technique. Although the removal of the individual hair roots take here a lot longer, but the result of the FUE transplantation is the more of great importance, because it is much more precisely.

For this reason we use in our treatments only the FUE technique.

The most important thing for a tourist or a health tourist is to be in good hands and you will be there, if you choose Hair Med to manage your hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Med is handling on the basis of reliability, trust, quality and disciplined operating. The quality of service, realization of all arrangements, customer satisfaction and successful surgeries accordingly our reputation is the first goal for the whole Hair Med team.

The hospitals we work with are all accredited and certified, the clinical doctors and nursing staff are all qualified, professional and experienced. The whole team will feel responsible for attracting foreign patients and will kindly help them during the stay in Turkey.

As opposed to comparable intervention costs in Europe, USA or UK there are huge differences such as many houndreds or sometimes thausends of Euros.

Are you saving on the quality at the same time?

NO! By no means. The low maintenance costs and operating costs of a clinic for hair transplants are causing this huge difference between the destinations. We are giving this benefit right on to our patients!
You can also simply combine a great vacation with your hair transplant in Turkey by Hair Med.

Do you want experience the sun, the sea and the beach at the same time? No Problem!

We give you the opportunity to recover in Turkey in a relaxed environment and enjoy a holiday according to your desire or your own combined activities before the surgery (possibly after). You will receive a comprehensive care service for a hair transplant organised by Hair Med. In advance you will get competent advice by telephone. After arrival and during your stay in Antalya there will be throughout available English speaking care, as well as the transfer services of hotel, hospital and upcoming transfers will be all organized by Hair Med.

If you choose one of the Aesthetic-Plus-Travel vacation packgages, there won’t arise any additional costs eighter for Hotel, beaches, extensions, tourist guides, transfers nor such like catering costs excepted the flight costs.

Hair Med makes it possible for you to experience everything you can imagine under holiday, sun, beach, sea and fun safety and well-considered.

Everything stays under Hair Med – Guarantee!

We welcome your call or inquiry.