Mesotherapy Treatment

In the Mesotherapy treatment a small amount of stimulant substance or a mix of stimulant substances will be parenteral injected and that application will quick and stimulate the collagen structure in the blood. The stimulant substance has a complex combination and some of the consistings are amino acids, minerals, vitamins, silicium as like antioxidants and acids and minerals with growth factor. That therapy is very prevalent in the acne treatment and gets increasingly common for the hair loss treatment. That microinjection in the hairloss area effects a reduction in hair loss, increases the quality of hair and gives a vitality shine in wich it also suggest newly felt out hair roots and lets them grow back. As mentioned is the Mesotherapy treatment currently one of the most common hairloss treatments worldwide. The success rate will be very high and bring statisfaction if the therapy will be applied consecutively. The seassons have mostly a duration of 10-20 minuts and the number of the therapy seassons will be decided by the specialist for each patient individually.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

The Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained through the own blood of the patients. A small amount of blood will be taken and goes through a special and difficult application called centrifuge. The centrifuge enables the seperation of single blood corpuscle and makes it possible to strenghten them for a faster and effectiver growth of the cells and with that of the hair roots. The intensived and strenghtened blood corpuscle is called the platelet rich plasma. The plasma is produced primarily of thrombocytes (platelet) and of leucocytes, which effect a high speed growth in combination with the activated thrombocytes. The tissue regeneration starts directly a short time after injection. The platelet rich plasma is 100 % taken and obtained from the patients own blood cells and because of that it can never cause an allergic reaction or different adverse reactions.

What is the platelet rich plasma realizing?

The thrombocytes so the platelets contain also a high amount of vitamins and minerals and are that blood components which restore, renew and regenerate demaged cells in the body. Because of its high concentration the rich plasma can effect that growth factor that can not happen through the natural blood circulation of the body. The growth effect can increase up to eightfold than the normal status. The increasing status is depending on the centrifuge application way and with wich support medium the rich plasma is obtained. Hair Med is using during the centrifuge a special gel wich is strenghten the centrifugal extrication and with that the effectivity and intensity of the Plasma. The PRP treatment is beside of the hair also applied whilst implant interventions, orthopedic treatments and for treating unhealed wounds. Because of the injection there can be a slight pain in the beginning but with a painkiller – spray it is possible to prevent the pain. The treatment occures in seassons. Between the seassons it is allowed to have 15 days distance. Depending on the individual circumstances the treatment can have up to 6 seassons.

The Mesotherapy is not to apply to patients with open wounds on the head skin, to diabetic patients, to patients who have bleeding disorders or are taking medication for the immune system.