The own-hair transplant offers everyone the possibility of thick and healthy hair. It is also the only metod for a permanent and effective solution of hair problems or respectively balding problems.

In this occasion it is the own hair root, which is taken from the heads behind (or from another body part) and planted on the required areas.

Which kind of Hair Transplantation metods are there?

Currently the hair transplant operation can be performed by applying two different hair removel techniques. One of them is the FUT technique, that is the follicular unit transplantation. Several hair roots are here removed by a surgical scalpel intervention and transplanted at once. Applying this method is indeed saving an appreciable time but nevertheless it isn’t the one we recommend.

The FUE technique requires the individually removal of the hair roots. This metod demands for sure much more time and is ornate but still it is the only visual advantageous one for the patient and for that the only applied metod of Hair Med. Through the FUE metod it is possible to reach a natural look and well distributed transplant result.

Finish your hair problem by opting for a hair transplant via Hair Med and get forever away from other metods like wigs or toupees. Decide for your best on the sole effective method to set aside the baldness!

You can calmed trust the special and qulified team of Hair Med and decide for a hair transplantation in Turkey. With our several hair transplant interventions each day we are showing how experienced and preferentially our team is.

The techniqually and medical developments are fully known and applied by us. Our highly trained personnel, the excellent and rarely found hospital, a perfect organization of the whole trip and of course interpreter support on site is already prepared and provided. All that is just one step far from you. You need only to make the step to your safety solution and won’t regret it.

Quite the reverse, you will be amazed by the result and join the recovering of your self-confidence and happyness through your once again owned full head of hair.