Why Istanbul?

The success and experience of the Turkish specialists and surgeons and with that the quality of healthcare in Istanbul has increased very much in recent years. The city is very popular not only for European patients, but also for numerous local patients.

Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey, a World city, a metropolis connecting the continents of Europe and Asia together. It does not house only high quality hospitals, but also many historical sites, beaches and islands.

Through the combination of this cultural, historical and geographical wonders it has a great atmosphere. Not to forget are the leisure and entertainment possibilities in Istanbul.

Besides of your successful hair transplantation you can enjoy all these alternatives in Istanbul.

Hair Transplantation Istanbul

A hair transplantation is a matter of trust. By careful and quality treatment, good and Professional care and a relaxed and lovely atmosphere we want win your trust.
For a successed hair transplantation the quality of hospitality, latest technology, best educated staff and good experiences are required. Hair Med and its team in Istanbul like the team in Antalya are offering the obove listed properties multiple. You can find by Hair Transplantation Istanbul high quality and success guaranteed treatment for affordable prices.
For us your statisfaction obout our hair transplantation is the biggest compliment.
You can connect your hair transplant with a unforgetable stay in the cosmopolitan city Istanbul.

Hair Transplantation Istanbul will offer you a hair transplantation with all listed services included and for the best possible packet price:

  • Individual, Professional and trustworthy supervision during your stay
  • A treatment in a friendly and kind atmosphere
  • Lovely and helpful support in your foreign language
  • A treatment by Professional, good trained and long time experienced medical team
  • Hair transplantation by the current best metod; the FUE technique transplantation
  • A lifetime warranty fort he transplanted hair
  • High quality clinic and hospitals