Is a Hair Transplantation for women possible?

Through more and more prominent persons, especially prominent men, it is well known that the hair transplantion is a well developed metod, which brings natural results. By application of correct techniques, using latest medical technology and controlled by gifted hands it can realize wonder!

Even if it is not as common under women as under men, the hair transplant for women has nevertheless the same effectiveness and success.

Hair loss reasons like the genetic, hormonal and stress related ones are for both gender valid and cause the same consequences. Women are suffering very strong mentally from this hair loss problem. Strong, healthy and tight hair is an inseparable part of the general beauty ideal of pretty and attractive women.

Increasingly more women are realizing the baldness or hair loss problem and they are naturally very sensible in this situation. The avarage age is round the 40th, but of course there are exceptions depending on individually conditions.

So as mentioned before, hair transplantation is also the solution for the baldness of women! Hair Med has helped many women out from this bad affecting and disturbing problem.

As like they can now smile confidenter and feel much prettier with their new hair (possibly additional with their new eyebrows), as much easy it is for you too. Act now and make an end to this sorrow.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Hair Transplantation for women in Turkey

Don’t accept simply the fact of hair loss or baldness but take an advantage of the technical developments and guaranteed metods to solve the problem. You can do that very safety, with great benefits and combined with a joyful vacation in Turkey. Hair Med will help you kindly.

Do you want enjoy again your own hair on a naturally and healthy way?

Replacements such as wigs, toupees belong to the past. Don’t make longer your life more difficult than it is already. It is depending on your decision, if you will concede defeat or if you will go forward and act clever against the disorder.

Why a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The leading evaluation points for a transplant patient are primary the quality of a clinic plus the transplantation results and secondary, but still very important, the intervention price. The cost differences of most european countries, Amerika, UK and some other locations are compared to the costs of Turkey appreciably high.

What cause this huge price difference? It is only possible through much lower personnel costs, operation costs and other required expenses. Your first advantage by Hair Med is the one, that this price difference is exactly and directly forwarded to you!

In spite of everything is always the thought arising, that the quality of the clinics with these prices can not be high developed and best quality.

But they are!

Precisely this point you should not skip over! All clinics in cooperation with Hair Med are proved by the independent international comittees, which are responsible for the verification and evaluation of health care quality, hospitality advances and patient safety worldwide. Following this evaluation and examination there is an official accreditationprocedure only for successed health facilities. Compared to the total amount of existing hospitals, it is a small number which are accredited; but nevertheless is this number of accredited clinics in Turkey higher than in much european countries!

Hair Med is caring for all your needs, thereunder every required transfer services, organization of hotel and clinic stay, interpreter support and nonstop supervision on site.

You can trust us and enjoy after that the relaxed environment, the proffessional treatment, the nice hospitality of turkish culture and of course if you wish also a perfect vacation in combination to your hair transplantation.

Don’t miss this chance and experience two impressing events at once.