What types of Hair Loss are there?

Not always is hair loss an age-related issue.

It is known that hair loss can be caused by many different reasons. Though there is the constant fact for both men and women, that from a certain age the amount of hair is continuous getting less.

The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. A little hair loss of about 100 hairs during the daily cambing is natural and not alarming. As recently as this amount is increasing and above 100 hairs every day in distributed places, you should start to make thoughts about it.

So do you already lose steadly and intensify quantities of hair? Then this can be called a pathological hair loss.

The most common type of hair loss is the genetic inherited one. In this case the receding hairline is one of the first arising symptom. Following the hair starts to get thinner and shorter. This type alopecia is more unusual for women but rather for men and not rarely it is seen by men already in the beginning of the 20th years. However the more likely beauty image is a full head of hair without balding.

Women are the more affected of the diffuse hair loss. The diffuse hair loss is the type in which the quantity of hair is decreasing more and more. Afterwards there will be bald scalps visible. The always thinning hair and the diffuse hair loss is the more a big mentally suffer for women. The general view and some special cultures are making since ancient times the strong and thight hair to a main sign of femininity and ‘beautyfull women’.

Wheter man or woman, don’t suffer longer on your hair loss and invest in your hair transplant.

The best way back to natural and hair re-growth is the own hair transplantation.

You can kindly get more information and advise by a phonecall or via Email.

With full and healthy hair it is possible to walk again confidently through life! Don’t hesitate, make the step.