The FUE Technique

The foundation of the current FUE metod was grounded by Dr. Bobby Limmer from Texas.
Dr. Limmer invendet a microscopic lupe, which has been applied and developed later by Dr. Berstein and his friends Rassman and Seager. Dr. Bernstein dictated his name into the medical literature through his scientific work ‘Cellular Transplantation’. This fiction made it possible, to seperate the follicular units one by one into single injektions used for the transplantation.
The FUE; means the Follicular Unit Extraction metod allows a natural look hair transplantation even after only one seasson. A thickening of the hairs or an addition transplantation after continuing of hairloss can be made in a further seasson.

How is the FUE Technique application?

If all test allow a transplantation resp a surgical application, at first the patient gets anesthetized by local anesthesia. The follicular units, means the hair roots are getting removed by special micro devices with a diameter between 0,7 – 0,9 mm and get ready by seperation to simply grafts for the transplantation. On the same way are the grafts transplanted individually into the required areas. Hygiene, coution and attention is here like for every surgical intervention highly important. Like in many esthetic surgeries is the hair transplantation especially via the FUE technique a matter of hand talent and experience. In respect of that case is Hair Transplantation Turkey trusting on its team strongly.

The advantages of the FUE metod are for example:

  • No application of any scalpels
  • No visible scars
  • No sewing
  • Applicable for both gender
  • Without pain and aftereffects
  • Very short healing process (patients can continue their daily lifes right on the next day after application)
  • Very helpful also for reconstruction and regrowth of eyebrows and beards
  • No limits of removing areas for the needed grafts (roots)

Additional is to mention, that the application of FUE technique requires the shaving of hairs to 1 mm size (for women it can show differences). That detail is important, because the removal of hair roots under local anesthesia needs a clear view and high attention.

The same way the specialists need also a clear view and appropriate circumstances for a perfect transplantation of the removed grafts. The healing of the cells take app 7 to 10 days. It is possible to remove 500 – 1500 follicular units in each seasson. That amount of folliculs makes approximately 4000 hair grafts. The duration for this intervention is normally 4 to 8 hours.