Eyebrow transplantation is today one of the frequently applied transplantations. The intervention takes about 1-2 hours after the local anesthesia. Trough the FUE method and the micromotor equipments it is possible to reach a final and continual solution. The roots for the eyebrows can be removed from any place of the body like the genital area or arms but nevertheless we experienced that the effectivest hair roots are the ones taken from the heads backside. The hair roots taken from the arms can be weak and thin, what can cause untenable transplantation. The roots taken from the genital area or which are to harsh could grow into different directions and that would couse an esthetically non successful transplantation.

For that the Hair Med Team is recommending to take the grafts for eyebrow transplantation from the back of the head. If the eyebrow loss is limited in one single area the eyebrow transplantation can be performed in a short time of 30 minuts. Sometimes the patients want to get their eyebrow line thicker or thighter. In any case the patients wish will be fixed by a Professional transplantation.

The eyebrow transplantation needs more attention than the normal hair transplantation, because the specialist needs to met the required look of eyebrow exactly like the patients wish. To fix the eyebrow growth line and direction is a difficult job but not immpossible.
We as Hair Med team are proud of our talented specialists for all the successed eyebrow transplantations which made our patients happy and smiling.

Before the transplant application – depending on the amount of required hair roots – an area of 1 cm width and 5 cm lenght will get shaved and the roots for transplantation will get removed via micromotor deviced and punches very carefully. The root follicules get seperated each to single hair roots and prepared for transplantation. The removed area is so small that it is not visible.

The grafts for transplant can vary individually between 50 to 500 roots. The most important fact is that during the transplant application each root needs its own direction of transplant bevel because the eyebrows stick out depending on the distance to the nose and the ears in different straight degrees. For example are the roots closer to the nose sticking out straighter and the eyebrows closer to the ears are 40-50 degrees less straight. This and much more important details must be known and experienced by a good and Professional specialist.
Eyebrow transplantation is a painless intervention applied under local anesthesia and with a short duration of up to 2 hours. The transplanted eyebrows can just after 2 months be plucked and after 4-6 months they will get a natural normal look. That short and only through talented specialists easy transplantation can make eyebrowloss affected people very happy.

The only fact must be known by the patients is, that the transplanted eyebrows can sometimes grow more than natural eyebrows and for that the new eyebrows will need to be cutted from time to time.

As Hair Med Turkey we give a trustful and successful service to all our patients also in the eyebrow transplantation area. You can kindly contact us any time and ask every question to be sure and clear your worries.