This is under the biggest problems today. The hairs over the lips, called beards, can sometimes be weak and thus not grow as usual. This fact is for men just same disturbing as the hair loss.

But exactly like in hairloss case it is possible to reach a permanent and absolut solution fort hat problem. The beard transplantation can as well be applied with the FUE method as well with the FUT method. But here the same is true that the FUE method is more esthetic and the better one for transplantation compared with the FUT method.

The hair roots for a beard transplantation will also get removed from the heads back area. These stronger roots will adapt oneself and the growth process will run the same like the hair transplantation process.

What is important for a beard transplantation?

A beard transplantation should be made trough the FUE Technique. It is proved that the FUE Technique brings many high success rates and a better look transplantation.

A different point is to transplant the hair roots not to dense. The hair roots need to sprout and grow and that fact means the requirement of enough place and possibility.

After a successful beard transplantation the roots will need app 4-5 months to grow up. With that method it is also possible to cover scars in the beards area.

As much the transplant micro devices peak is tightlay as better it is; especially because of the grains of the removing and transplantation areas. There will be less red look visible after the intervention but that will disappear after the first wash of the beard inner 24-28 hours. After that washing the new transplanted beard is better visible. There will also result repeated blood amounts around the new hair roots/beards but do not worry, it is good for the nutrition of the roots. Sometimes are stains like pimple to notice, but inner one week the look of your new transplanted beard will get a right normal beard look. After ten days it is possible to cut thebeard with the usual beard razors.