The FUE Technique

The foundation of the current FUE metod was grounded by Dr. Bobby Limmer from Texas.
Dr. Limmer invendet a microscopic lupe, which has been applied and developed later by Dr. Berstein and his friends Rassman and Seager. Dr. Bernstein dictated his name into the medical literature through his scientific work ‘Cellular Transplantation’. This fiction made it possible, to seperate the follicular units one by one into single injektions used for the transplantation.
The FUE; means the Follicular Unit Extraction metod allows a natural look hair transplantation even after only one seasson. A thickening of the hairs or an addition transplantation after continuing of hairloss can be made in a further seasson.

How is the FUE Technique application?

If all test allow a transplantation resp a surgical application, at first the patient gets anesthetized by local anesthesia. The follicular units, means the hair roots are getting removed by special micro devices with a diameter between 0,7 – 0,9 mm and get ready by seperation to simply grafts for the transplantation. On the same way are the grafts transplanted individually into the required areas. Hygiene, coution and attention is here like for every surgical intervention highly important. Like in many esthetic surgeries is the hair transplantation especially via the FUE technique a matter of hand talent and experience. In respect of that case is Hair Transplantation Turkey trusting on its team strongly.

The advantages of the FUE metod are for example:

  • No application of any scalpels
  • No visible scars
  • No sewing
  • Applicable for both gender
  • Without pain and aftereffects
  • Very short healing process (patients can continue their daily lifes right on the next day after application)
  • Very helpful also for reconstruction and regrowth of eyebrows and beards
  • No limits of removing areas for the needed grafts (roots)

Additional is to mention, that the application of FUE technique requires the shaving of hairs to 1 mm size (for women it can show differences). That detail is important, because the removal of hair roots under local anesthesia needs a clear view and high attention.

The same way the specialists need also a clear view and appropriate circumstances for a perfect transplantation of the removed grafts. The healing of the cells take app 7 to 10 days. It is possible to remove 500 – 1500 follicular units in each seasson. That amount of folliculs makes approximately 4000 hair grafts. The duration for this intervention is normally 4 to 8 hours.

This is under the biggest problems today. The hairs over the lips, called beards, can sometimes be weak and thus not grow as usual. This fact is for men just same disturbing as the hair loss.

But exactly like in hairloss case it is possible to reach a permanent and absolut solution fort hat problem. The beard transplantation can as well be applied with the FUE method as well with the FUT method. But here the same is true that the FUE method is more esthetic and the better one for transplantation compared with the FUT method.

The hair roots for a beard transplantation will also get removed from the heads back area. These stronger roots will adapt oneself and the growth process will run the same like the hair transplantation process.

What is important for a beard transplantation?

A beard transplantation should be made trough the FUE Technique. It is proved that the FUE Technique brings many high success rates and a better look transplantation.

A different point is to transplant the hair roots not to dense. The hair roots need to sprout and grow and that fact means the requirement of enough place and possibility.

After a successful beard transplantation the roots will need app 4-5 months to grow up. With that method it is also possible to cover scars in the beards area.

As much the transplant micro devices peak is tightlay as better it is; especially because of the grains of the removing and transplantation areas. There will be less red look visible after the intervention but that will disappear after the first wash of the beard inner 24-28 hours. After that washing the new transplanted beard is better visible. There will also result repeated blood amounts around the new hair roots/beards but do not worry, it is good for the nutrition of the roots. Sometimes are stains like pimple to notice, but inner one week the look of your new transplanted beard will get a right normal beard look. After ten days it is possible to cut thebeard with the usual beard razors.

The present type and development of hair transplantation has began with the researches of the japanese specialist Dr. Okuta in 1939.

Dr. Okuta applied a similiar operation type of hair transplant like existing today and based the present technical transplant methods by using first time single grafts for transplantation of hair. This brand new progression has been announced through the japanese medical journal around the World and has started the professional hair transplantation application as known to us. The paralell developments of medical and technical World conducted the hair transplantation to an almost flawless application. It also has a high faultless success rate and thereby pleasent feedbacks. All these changes are not only a big success in many medical and scientific aspects but also for the good and benefit of humanity by allowing a big step to kill the baldness and get renewed hair growth.

As Hair Transplantation Turkey we are not offering only one location but multiple hospitals and special teams to contribute the best of all. The team in Istanbul is leaded by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Askar, who can be proud of his successes and experiences. The professionality and talent of him and of each his team members are due the successed results of Hair Transplantation as well known abroad as inner the country.

Like Hair Med is selective in the topic of health and esthetic interventions, it is also picky in choosing the medical team and clinics resp hospitals with all the details.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Askar has not only numbers of national and international scientifically useful publications, but also many additional medical formations. His valuable educational position and his excellent hand skills are just few of the cooperation reasons of Hair Transplantation Turkey  with Dr. Aşkar.

Op. Dr. Mehmet Ali Bozkurt is also one of the skilled and experienced plastic surgeons we work with. His outstanding achievements in the area of the esthetics and plastic surgery are considerable. The fact we collected together the most skilled, professional, experienced and best educated staff, is proving the statement that we care about all our patients.

Hair Meds dynamic group – established of young and educated members – is always tending for the best of its patients and well-being of the health tourists in our country. This aspire for lovely hospitality resp wellcoming is not artificial but it is natural in the culture of us and is done with joy. All our patients are at the same time our guests and thus they can calmed trust us.

All your questions will be answered by the team lovely and patiently. If you will need help during the planing of your journey, time and activities, you can surely request help and we will support you on the best way.

Hair Transplantation and Esthetic as Health tourism is growing increasingly and by that also our Professional team, the structure of our organization and of course the service quality at the same time.

You can follow up every new or renewed step on our website.

We work nonstop for your best!

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    Is a Hair Transplantation for women possible?

    Through more and more prominent persons, especially prominent men, it is well known that the hair transplantion is a well developed metod, which brings natural results. By application of correct techniques, using latest medical technology and controlled by gifted hands it can realize wonder!

    Even if it is not as common under women as under men, the hair transplant for women has nevertheless the same effectiveness and success.

    Hair loss reasons like the genetic, hormonal and stress related ones are for both gender valid and cause the same consequences. Women are suffering very strong mentally from this hair loss problem. Strong, healthy and tight hair is an inseparable part of the general beauty ideal of pretty and attractive women.

    Increasingly more women are realizing the baldness or hair loss problem and they are naturally very sensible in this situation. The avarage age is round the 40th, but of course there are exceptions depending on individually conditions.

    So as mentioned before, hair transplantation is also the solution for the baldness of women! Hair Med has helped many women out from this bad affecting and disturbing problem.

    As like they can now smile confidenter and feel much prettier with their new hair (possibly additional with their new eyebrows), as much easy it is for you too. Act now and make an end to this sorrow.

    OUR RECOMMENDATION: Hair Transplantation for women in Turkey

    Don’t accept simply the fact of hair loss or baldness but take an advantage of the technical developments and guaranteed metods to solve the problem. You can do that very safety, with great benefits and combined with a joyful vacation in Turkey. Hair Med will help you kindly.

    Do you want enjoy again your own hair on a naturally and healthy way?

    Replacements such as wigs, toupees belong to the past. Don’t make longer your life more difficult than it is already. It is depending on your decision, if you will concede defeat or if you will go forward and act clever against the disorder.

    Why a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    The leading evaluation points for a transplant patient are primary the quality of a clinic plus the transplantation results and secondary, but still very important, the intervention price. The cost differences of most european countries, Amerika, UK and some other locations are compared to the costs of Turkey appreciably high.

    What cause this huge price difference? It is only possible through much lower personnel costs, operation costs and other required expenses. Your first advantage by Hair Med is the one, that this price difference is exactly and directly forwarded to you!

    In spite of everything is always the thought arising, that the quality of the clinics with these prices can not be high developed and best quality.

    But they are!

    Precisely this point you should not skip over! All clinics in cooperation with Hair Med are proved by the independent international comittees, which are responsible for the verification and evaluation of health care quality, hospitality advances and patient safety worldwide. Following this evaluation and examination there is an official accreditationprocedure only for successed health facilities. Compared to the total amount of existing hospitals, it is a small number which are accredited; but nevertheless is this number of accredited clinics in Turkey higher than in much european countries!

    Hair Med is caring for all your needs, thereunder every required transfer services, organization of hotel and clinic stay, interpreter support and nonstop supervision on site.

    You can trust us and enjoy after that the relaxed environment, the proffessional treatment, the nice hospitality of turkish culture and of course if you wish also a perfect vacation in combination to your hair transplantation.

    Don’t miss this chance and experience two impressing events at once.

    What is the success rate of hair transplants?
    In the hands of the right, experienced and dedicated hair transplant surgeon and with the right technique and good grafts, hair transplantation should be very successful and 95% of the grafts should successfully grow.

    Is the growth of Hair Transplant hair permanent?
    Hair transplant is permanent and lasts lifelong. But you have to take extra care for your newly transplanted hair.

    Where does the hair come from in a Hair Transplant?
    The hair grafts are taken from the permanent donor area. The donor area is located at the back of head from one ear to the other ear.

    What is the meaning of graft in Hair Transplant?
    The total number of grafts needed for a complete surgical hair restoration can vary widely from patient to patient. The surgeon is trying to place as many grafts as possible in one hair transplant session. During the consultation process your surgeon will determine how many grafts you need for your recepient area.  One graft can contain from one, two, three, and sometimes 4 hairs.

    Which is the best technique in Hair Transplant?
    We prefer using FUE Technique (extract follicular unit one by one) in Hair Transplant. The results are comparable to the strip method but this method has a better take rate than a strip. With this new technique we avoid the linear scar and reduce damage to the hair follicles. FUE is currently the best technique for obtaining grafts from the donor area. Healing after FUE treatment is faster than after FUT and generally free of pain.

    Is FUE Hair Transplantation painful?
    You feel no pain during an FUE hair transplant procedure done under a local anesthetic. Mild discomfort may occur as a local anesthetic is injected into the scalp. Once the skin is properly anesthetized, though, there is no pain. After the FUE surgery, patients will typically feel mild headaches. Medicine can be prescribed to help with any discomfort or pain.

    How long does Hair Transplant Surgery last?
    It depends on the patient, the number of grafts and the size of the recipient area. The whole procedure takes about 6–8 hours.

    Is there a minimum age for hair transplant surgery?
    Technically a person can undergo a hair transplant at any age,if hair loss is visible.

    Is there an ideal season for receiving a Hair Transplant?
    No. The ideal season depends mostly on you. After hair transplant you shouldn’t get a lot of sun or go swimming for the first month.

    Can a Hair Transplant surgery be repeated?
    Depending on the desired result, the size of the donor area and if the hair loss continues to progress over time it can be repeated 3-4 times, after 8-12 months (minimum 8 or ideal12 months).

    Do Hair Transplants have any side effects/ risks?
    Hair transplants are very safe procedures with few side effects. They are not severe and are temporary. With an experienced surgeon, staff, and good communication with your surgeon, risks are easily avoidable.

    Is there a risk of scarring after Hair Transplant?
    Scarring depends on what hair transplant technique the surgeon is using on hair transplant. After FUE Hair Transplant there are no visible scars in the donor area.

    How long does Hair Transplant Surgery take to Heal?
    Healing starts immediately and total healing usually takes 10-15 days. You can return to work and social activity in 2-4 days after FUE Hair Transplant. In the first week there should be blood crusts and redness on a bald head, and depends on skin. Usually blood crusts and redness slowly goes away after the first week.

    How long does it take for hair to grow after a hair transplant?
    Within 2 to 3 weeks after hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. It is normal, don’t panic, they will grow back. The new growth will start within a few months (after 3-4 months). On average, the full growth is reached after 12-18 months post procedure.

    Mesotherapy Treatment

    In the Mesotherapy treatment a small amount of stimulant substance or a mix of stimulant substances will be parenteral injected and that application will quick and stimulate the collagen structure in the blood. The stimulant substance has a complex combination and some of the consistings are amino acids, minerals, vitamins, silicium as like antioxidants and acids and minerals with growth factor. That therapy is very prevalent in the acne treatment and gets increasingly common for the hair loss treatment. That microinjection in the hairloss area effects a reduction in hair loss, increases the quality of hair and gives a vitality shine in wich it also suggest newly felt out hair roots and lets them grow back. As mentioned is the Mesotherapy treatment currently one of the most common hairloss treatments worldwide. The success rate will be very high and bring statisfaction if the therapy will be applied consecutively. The seassons have mostly a duration of 10-20 minuts and the number of the therapy seassons will be decided by the specialist for each patient individually.

    PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

    The Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained through the own blood of the patients. A small amount of blood will be taken and goes through a special and difficult application called centrifuge. The centrifuge enables the seperation of single blood corpuscle and makes it possible to strenghten them for a faster and effectiver growth of the cells and with that of the hair roots. The intensived and strenghtened blood corpuscle is called the platelet rich plasma. The plasma is produced primarily of thrombocytes (platelet) and of leucocytes, which effect a high speed growth in combination with the activated thrombocytes. The tissue regeneration starts directly a short time after injection. The platelet rich plasma is 100 % taken and obtained from the patients own blood cells and because of that it can never cause an allergic reaction or different adverse reactions.

    What is the platelet rich plasma realizing?

    The thrombocytes so the platelets contain also a high amount of vitamins and minerals and are that blood components which restore, renew and regenerate demaged cells in the body. Because of its high concentration the rich plasma can effect that growth factor that can not happen through the natural blood circulation of the body. The growth effect can increase up to eightfold than the normal status. The increasing status is depending on the centrifuge application way and with wich support medium the rich plasma is obtained. Hair Med is using during the centrifuge a special gel wich is strenghten the centrifugal extrication and with that the effectivity and intensity of the Plasma. The PRP treatment is beside of the hair also applied whilst implant interventions, orthopedic treatments and for treating unhealed wounds. Because of the injection there can be a slight pain in the beginning but with a painkiller – spray it is possible to prevent the pain. The treatment occures in seassons. Between the seassons it is allowed to have 15 days distance. Depending on the individual circumstances the treatment can have up to 6 seassons.

    The Mesotherapy is not to apply to patients with open wounds on the head skin, to diabetic patients, to patients who have bleeding disorders or are taking medication for the immune system.

    Eyebrow transplantation is today one of the frequently applied transplantations. The intervention takes about 1-2 hours after the local anesthesia. Trough the FUE method and the micromotor equipments it is possible to reach a final and continual solution. The roots for the eyebrows can be removed from any place of the body like the genital area or arms but nevertheless we experienced that the effectivest hair roots are the ones taken from the heads backside. The hair roots taken from the arms can be weak and thin, what can cause untenable transplantation. The roots taken from the genital area or which are to harsh could grow into different directions and that would couse an esthetically non successful transplantation.

    For that the Hair Med Team is recommending to take the grafts for eyebrow transplantation from the back of the head. If the eyebrow loss is limited in one single area the eyebrow transplantation can be performed in a short time of 30 minuts. Sometimes the patients want to get their eyebrow line thicker or thighter. In any case the patients wish will be fixed by a Professional transplantation.

    The eyebrow transplantation needs more attention than the normal hair transplantation, because the specialist needs to met the required look of eyebrow exactly like the patients wish. To fix the eyebrow growth line and direction is a difficult job but not immpossible.
    We as Hair Med team are proud of our talented specialists for all the successed eyebrow transplantations which made our patients happy and smiling.

    Before the transplant application – depending on the amount of required hair roots – an area of 1 cm width and 5 cm lenght will get shaved and the roots for transplantation will get removed via micromotor deviced and punches very carefully. The root follicules get seperated each to single hair roots and prepared for transplantation. The removed area is so small that it is not visible.

    The grafts for transplant can vary individually between 50 to 500 roots. The most important fact is that during the transplant application each root needs its own direction of transplant bevel because the eyebrows stick out depending on the distance to the nose and the ears in different straight degrees. For example are the roots closer to the nose sticking out straighter and the eyebrows closer to the ears are 40-50 degrees less straight. This and much more important details must be known and experienced by a good and Professional specialist.
    Eyebrow transplantation is a painless intervention applied under local anesthesia and with a short duration of up to 2 hours. The transplanted eyebrows can just after 2 months be plucked and after 4-6 months they will get a natural normal look. That short and only through talented specialists easy transplantation can make eyebrowloss affected people very happy.

    The only fact must be known by the patients is, that the transplanted eyebrows can sometimes grow more than natural eyebrows and for that the new eyebrows will need to be cutted from time to time.

    As Hair Med Turkey we give a trustful and successful service to all our patients also in the eyebrow transplantation area. You can kindly contact us any time and ask every question to be sure and clear your worries.

    The FUT technique means follicular unit transplantation. It has the same local anesthesia and preperation proccess like the FUE method.

    The difference is that the several hair roots will be removed by a scalpel and get transplanted on the needed area. The revoving of hair roots by a scalpel and as thin slices is saving much time during the treatment process but it is also leaving visible scars on the root-removed areas. The transplanting part happens approximately same like the FUE Technique.

    But nevertheless is the FUT Technique non esthetic and for that since a long time not used by Hair Med.

    We are not recommending this method to our patients.

    What types of Hair Loss are there?

    Not always is hair loss an age-related issue.

    It is known that hair loss can be caused by many different reasons. Though there is the constant fact for both men and women, that from a certain age the amount of hair is continuous getting less.

    The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. A little hair loss of about 100 hairs during the daily cambing is natural and not alarming. As recently as this amount is increasing and above 100 hairs every day in distributed places, you should start to make thoughts about it.

    So do you already lose steadly and intensify quantities of hair? Then this can be called a pathological hair loss.

    The most common type of hair loss is the genetic inherited one. In this case the receding hairline is one of the first arising symptom. Following the hair starts to get thinner and shorter. This type alopecia is more unusual for women but rather for men and not rarely it is seen by men already in the beginning of the 20th years. However the more likely beauty image is a full head of hair without balding.

    Women are the more affected of the diffuse hair loss. The diffuse hair loss is the type in which the quantity of hair is decreasing more and more. Afterwards there will be bald scalps visible. The always thinning hair and the diffuse hair loss is the more a big mentally suffer for women. The general view and some special cultures are making since ancient times the strong and thight hair to a main sign of femininity and ‘beautyfull women’.

    Wheter man or woman, don’t suffer longer on your hair loss and invest in your hair transplant.

    The best way back to natural and hair re-growth is the own hair transplantation.

    You can kindly get more information and advise by a phonecall or via Email.

    With full and healthy hair it is possible to walk again confidently through life! Don’t hesitate, make the step.